Welcome to Zia's Home Page

Zia is one of the SICC Imperial Leaders, who is trying to help fill the big paws of Zeke. Zeke passed away in November 1997, and Zhuk and Zia joined our family shortly thereafter. This is a picture taken on Zhuk and Zia's first day at home.

As Zhuk and Zia joined Keile, Zoe, Ipswitch, Pyewacket, Brittany, and Zuel (God rest her soul), we thought it best to separate them in our spare bedroom for awhile. We just didn't know how everyone, including the kids, would react to our other family members. That lasted about one day. After very little time, all were getting along nicely.

Here are a few pictures of the ZiaPuss, simply enjoying life.

Sleepy Angel

You wanted something?

The kids went on their first big adventure this year; a trip to Malibu in the motorhome. Bringing the cat tree was one of the best ideas we ever had, but Zia enjoyed being near her dad.

Thanks for visiting my home page. See you soon.

Love from Zhuk, Zia, and the rest of the SICC clan.