Welcome to ZEKE's Home Page

Zeke peacefully passed away on 11/18/97.

  Zeke was a 15 pound, Seal Point Siamese, aka the MOOSE. He was by far the most intelligent feline we have ever known. We have never know another cat that requires as much human interaction and gives so much back.
Zeke was the 'Top' cat in the household. Whenever he talks, the other cats listen, and does he talk. Zeke has quite a vocabulary (several are included). One of his favorite places to discuss things is in the basement where his echoes make him sound much larger (What a ham!) His purr is what you hear in the background on the Home Page. He was also the Imperial Siamese Leader of the Siamese Internet Cat Club.
His successors will be our two new little ones, Zhukov and Zia. It will take more than 4 paws to fill this position.

Click one of the spheres below to hear the Moose Talk

Here are some photos of the Moose
Zeke at 8 weeks on his way home from San Diego
Zeke at his favorite place - Malibu
Zeke and Keile